SoK: The Faults in our ASRs: An Overview of Attacks against Automatic Speech Recognition and Speaker Identification Systems

In: IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (2021)

Type: Conference
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Speech and speaker recognition systems are employed in a variety of applications, from personal assistants to telephony surveillance and biometric authentication. The wide deployment of these systems has been made possible by the improved accuracy in neural networks. Like other systems based on neural networks, recent research has demonstrated that speech and speaker recognition systems are vulnerable to attacks using manipulated inputs. However, as we demonstrate in this paper, the end-to-end architecture of speech and speaker systems and the nature of their inputs make attacks and defenses against them substantially different than those in the image space. We demonstrate this first by systematizing existing research in this space and providing a taxonomy through which the community can evaluate future work. We then demonstrate experimentally that attacks against these models almost universally fail to transfer. In so doing, we argue that substantial additional work is required to provide adequate mitigations in this space.